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Our Story - Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee

Five years ago we set up Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee in Perú,  successfully sourcing, roasting and selling specialty coffees in their capital city Lima. Three years ago we moved the whole our whole operation to New Zealand. Now we are offering our distinctive coffee here in Aotearoa, freshly roasted locally in Woodend, North Canterbury.

Our Story….I am a Kiwi and my wife is Peruvian. We both have a combined background of over 20 years as fruit scientists in New Zealand.

Our story: Three Llamas at Expo Cafe in Lima, Perú 2013

Three Llamas at Expo Café in Lima, Perú 2013

As such we have designed our products emphasizing the healthiness and goodness a natural drink such as coffee could offer,  topped up with exceptional flavour and aroma characteristic of Specialty coffees. We also live by the values of giving back to the coffee growers and their communities (without them we would’nt have coffee!!). We do this through financial support and proving our horticultural expertise to help and motivate them to grow better  and more sustainable coffee.

This is our story and we are now proud to offer our Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee in New Zealand!

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Richard Jackman,
Founder and coffee lover.