Brewing the Ultimate Organic Dark Roast

Brewing the Ultimate Organic Dark Roast

Whilst you can pretty much produce a decent cup of coffee with any brew method, some methods are more suitable for enhancing the flavour profile within a particular style of coffee. Our Organic Dark Roast encompasses a dark flavour profile boasting rich tasting notes of bittersweet chocolate and lingering caramel tones. When brewing our Organic Dark Roast, a better cup of coffee will be brewed when you choose a method that is designed to accentuate these big, bold flavours - espresso machine, stovetop, or the plunger/french press.

Espresso Machine

One highly recommended method for brewing our Organic Dark Roast is the Espresso machine. Either at home or at our Three Llamas Coffee House, an Espresso machine will produce a concentrated shot of intensely flavoured coffee - allowing for the bolder flavours in the roast to stand out. Brewing through an espresso machine does run the risk of losing the roast’s subtle and nuanced flavours, by over accentuating the bolder notes. To get the most out of your home espresso machine and extract the perfect shot every time, read our blog post on home espresso HERE.

Espresso machines are incredibly versatile in the sense that you can easily customise your drink to taste if a straight espresso/short black isn't for you, by adding more hot water (to make a long black or americano), or hot steamed milk (to make either a flat white, latte, cappuccino, or mochaccino). When combining our Organic Dark Roast with milk, the bold flavours cut through the milk to produce a full and rich cup - perfect for those seeking a strong brew.

ImageAn Organic Dark Roast espresso shot being extracted 



The stovetop method is also popular with coffee lovers, as it is similar to an espresso machine by producing a strong and concentrated brew that accentuates the complex flavours within Organic Dark Roast. This is a fantastic method because again, it is fairly versatile as the strength of the coffee can be adjusted with either hot water or milk, a great option when brewing for a group that drinks their coffee at different strengths.

Image: An Organic Dark Roast brew made using the Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso maker


Plunger/French Press

The plunger/french press method is another excellent choice. This full-immersion style of coffee extraction brews a more balanced coffee, that highlights both the bold aromas, as well as introducing some of the more subtle flavours within the roast. As the metal filter on the plunger allows some of the fine particles through into the final product, a heavier body and strong flavour profile is produced. Although this method is not quite as versatile as the stovetop or espresso machine in terms of manipulating the strength of your coffee, this can be altered by adjusting the amount of water used in the plunger and adding some milk on top. The plunger is a popular method as it is the easiest to brew and clean up, and is a very simple way to add a gourmet factor to your morning coffee.

Image: Organic Dark Roast brewed in plunger form


Each method brings out a unique subtle difference in flavours that differ in preference amongst coffee-lovers. Whichever method you choose, a fantastic Organic Dark Roast beverage will be produced.


- The Three Llamas Team

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