Inspiration From the Team

Needing some inspiration?

Here’s the some of the Teams favourite roasts and how they like to drink it.

Richard – THE BIG BOSS.
While Richard roasts EVERYTHING himself, of course he’s got a favourite.
But trust me…that is NOT an easy feat!
Every wee coffee bean he roasts turns out exactly as it is meant to be.
And I’m not just saying this because he’s the boss… I USED TO BE TEA DRINKER!  
Richard’s favourite is INCA GOLD.
He likes long blacks, pour over coffee, and his trusty plunger.
Richard has an amazing innate ability to distinguish what it is he’s tasting and how things should taste.
(But maybe don’t invite him over for dinner or a cuppa…unless you KNOW what you are doing).
As the Master Roaster, Richard has some honourable mentions which includes Organic Medium roast for some fruitiness and Medium Dark as an all-rounder.


Anna – The most amazing person you will EVER meet!
(Also just so you know, Anna didn’t even tell me write this).
Anna is who I, and many others, want to be when they grow up.
She’s kind, smart, funny, and a WHOLE lot of fun just to name a few.
We could go on and on about Anna, but we are here for her favourite coffee, safe to say with how cool Anna is, she loves her cold brew coffee base! That’s right the COOLEST person in existence likes COLD BREW coffee base on ICE with either almond milk or soda. Who would have guessed? (Me, because Anna is that cool!).

Anna is also MUCH obliged to a small Organic Medium long black.

Kari – If you’re part of “coffee for work” side of things, you’ll know Kari.
Kari is reliable, dependable, and has whole lot of experience as she is also one of our O.G Team members.
Kari has been with the business since the beginning and is practically part of the furniture.
Kari’s favourite is our ‘Essence Espresso’ - Especially if it’s in her very own coffee machine.
‘Essence Espresso’ is made especially for… you guessed it, espresso machines!
Just like Kari and all other dependable things, ‘Essence Espresso’ is good in almost everything!
Espresso-ly when freshly brewed in house, which it is! EVERY WEEK.

Michelle – Manager Super Star.
Michelle is always good for a chat, a laugh, and a smile
(HINT-HINT: Come on in and meet Michelle in person and try one of her b-e-a-utiful coffee’s).
Unable to pick ‘Just one’ Michelle narrowed it down to her Top 2: The Dark Roast and Well Being.
For Michelle Dark roast HAS to be made in espresso machine with as MANY shots as possible plus a splash of oat milk - MICHELLE WANTS ALL THE CAFFEINE!
The other part of the Top 2 is ‘Well Being’. Michelle likes this one in a plunger.
A long side being just completely DIVINE, ‘Well Being’ is also FULL of antioxidants.
Just as well for all those antioxidants… Michelle needs to be getting something good out of her caffeine addiction.

Miriam – Me, Myself, and I.
I am a HUGE fan of the ‘Viva Espresso’ and the ‘Dark Roast’.
With both the Viva and Dark Roast being organic beauties makes them a huge + in my books.
I’m not fussy when it comes to how I like to drink my coffee’s.
Give it to me as iced americano, a small oat flat-white, or the ABSOLUTE treat that is an
‘iced oat vanilla latte’ – trust me you should try it.
Although… if you don’t mix the espresso shot and the vanilla BEFORE you add the milk…
 I don’t think we can be friends.
However… if you are happy and willing to learn and change your unsanctimonious ways…
we might just become besties.
I’m a true believer that oat milk and dark roast are a match made in heaven!
And would you believe it that first time I paired these two together was an accident!

A Note from Miriam:
I can’t take ALL the credit for the delight that is our ‘Dark Roast’ and oat milk heavenly pairing.

(Even if I did get Michelle to join the ‘Dark Roast’ side).
Dark Roast happens to be our second most popular roast right after Essence Espresso.
So I’m sure many wonderful consumers of Richards hard work would have paired these two together
while I was still but a young tea drinker.