• Banana Maca Mocca smoothie with Three Llamas Essence Espresso coffee

    The Banana Maca Mocca smoothie

    This Banana Maca Mocca smoothie recipe makes a fantastic tasting smoothie, filled with that chocolatey goodness without the guilt.  A great way to get your you daily Maca dose.
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  • From bush to bean: whats behind your daily coffee

    From bush to bean: whats behind your daily coffee

    April 15 Richard Jackman, Founder and Coffee Roaster Many of us enjoy our daily ritual of the must-have morning coffee without giving much thought to the humble coffee bean. Some of us might have a vague idea that it comes from distant countries in South America or Africa and that the coffee bean is brown due to it being roasted, but some don't really know much more than that. Questions you may never have asked include: what plant does the coffee bean come from, what does it look like on the plant, when and how often is it harvested and...

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  • How Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee came to be

    How Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee came to be

    Author: Richard Jackman 2013. This was the year when my wife Cecilia and I made the crazy decision to get into the world of speciality coffee. The choice was not an obvious one, with us both having had successful careers as horticultural scientists, working in the field of postharvest fresh fruit technology. In the lead up to this life altering change of profession we had made the decision to both quit our jobs, sell our Auckland home and move to Peru (Cecilia's birth country) in search for something different. We had in mind setting up an orchard where we could...

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  • Our new website is up and running!

    Our new website is up and running!

    Goodbye Mk1,...hello Mk2! Our old website, whilst pretty looking was rather clunky behind the scenes and didn't work well with mobile devices. With this in mind and looking  to the future we have taken the plunge and got ourselves a new one. This website is much more functional and interactive and allows us to do stuff like write blogs, offer more products and hopefully give you a better, more immersive experience.  This new web platform is new to us and is still a bit raw , but look out for many more improvements to come along in the...

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  • Where the magic happens

    Where the magic happens

    We have a small dedicated team at Three Llamas Coffee spanning across Peru and New Zealand with our NZ base being in Woodend, just north or Christchurch. We are all coffee lovers and as a team are committed to the ideal of producing and selling the best and healthiest coffee possible while we showcase the truly fantastic coffee that Peru has to offer.
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