• Home Espresso coffee: why it never tastes as good and how to make it better

    Home Espresso coffee: why it never tastes as good and how to make it better

    We need coffee. Coffee can bring us that little moment of happiness, giving us the boost/nudge/strength to face the day and challenges ahead. So why then does that latte from your new home espresso machine just not quite taste right (or possibly outright disappointing)?

    In this article we will look into the reasons why and how to make your morning coffee as delicious as it can be.

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  • Coffee cherry, Three Llamas Coffee

    From bush to bean: what is behind your coffee Part 2

    September 15, Richard Jackman, Founder and Coffee Roaster The journey from the humble coffee plant to your steaming hot morning brew is a long and complex one. In my post back in April, we talked about the coffee plant and the coffee cherry to which the coffee bean (seed actually) hides inside. Today we will have a look at how the cherry gets harvested, and processes involved in getting the coffee bean out of the cherry then getting it ready for roasting.   Harvest Coffee cherries mature and ripen individually on a plant and often not all at the same...

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  • Cold Brew Concentrate Fudge

    Cold Brew Concentrate Fudge

    Anna Scott, 12th June 2020 Well, I have to say I had a very PROUD moment this week. As a newbie to the fudge making world, it was pretty delicious. For a long time I have been imagining a Cold Brew Concentrate fudge, and my imagination was right. It worked. The addition of the walnuts gave texture and a wonderful taste addition. This fudge was creamy, (I also only made half the recipie.) Cold brew Concentrate Fudge. - 4 Tblsp Cold Brew Concentrate - 500gms sugar - 100gms - 1 cup milk - 1/2 cup chopped walnuts METHOD 1 ....

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  • Cold brew and chocolate brownies

    Cold brew and chocolate brownies

    Emma Coles, 12 June Last week our three llamas team decided to have a bake off and experiment with cold brew in baking. My attempt at cold brew chocolate brownies turned out interesting. I used a Cream liquor brownie recipe and replaced the Irish cream with cold brew concentrate and dark chocolate for Whittakers milk chocolate. Ingredients: 100g Butter  100g Whittakers milk chocolate broken into pieces 3/4 cup caster sugar 2 Eggs lightly beaten 3 tbsp Cold brew concentrate 3/4 cup plain flour Icing 2 tbsp cocoa powder 3 cups icing sugar 2 tbsp Cold brew concentrate Method: 1. Grease a...

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  • Essence Espresso and Organic Viva Espresso: the backstory

    Essence Espresso and Organic Viva Espresso: the backstory

    Richard Jackman (Coffee Roaster), 12 June Our Organic Viva Espresso and its non organic sister Essence Espresso is the main staple of our Specialty Coffee range. When starting out our journey in Lima, Peru back in 2013, the local market there mainly drank black coffee made from either a stovetop or plunger, and espresso machines were only just starting to show up in cafes. Consumer preferences over there were not used to good quality coffee (they are probably 20 years behind us in coffee evolution) so the coffee scene was dominated by either very dark roasts (roasted dark to hide...

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  • Richard's Cheesecake mocha slice

    Richard's Cheesecake mocha slice

    Cheesecake mocha slice recipe adapted by Richard to utilize our Organic Panela unrefined sugar and Cold Brew coffee concentrate. Makes a punchy treat to accompany your morning or afternoon coffee!
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