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    We are very excited to introduce our newest addition to the Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee collection. Our Roaster and Three Llamas Founder Richard created Inca Gold to showcase the very best that Peru has to offer.  Inca Gold is a delicate, light roast boasting clean and crisp flavours and accentuating the sweet notes of summerfruit and honey. With minimal roasting to preserve the unique origin flavours formed in the Andes Mountains (Cajamarca, Peru), this speciality roast creates an invigorating cup that beautifully captures the unique flavours that Peruvian coffee has to offer. Served best black as a pour-over, filter or plunger coffee...

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  • Brewing the Ultimate Organic Dark Roast

    Brewing the Ultimate Organic Dark Roast

    Whilst you can pretty much produce a decent cup of coffee with any brew method, some methods are more suitable for enhancing the flavour profile within a particular style of coffee. Our Organic Dark Roast encompasses a dark flavour profile boasting rich tasting notes of bittersweet chocolate and lingering caramel tones. When brewing our Organic Dark Roast, a better cup of coffee will be brewed when you choose a method that is designed to accentuate these big, bold flavours - espresso machine, stovetop, or the plunger/french press. Espresso Machine One highly recommended method for brewing our Organic Dark Roast is the...

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  • After a strong, yet flavourful coffee? Try our Organic Dark Roast.

    After a strong, yet flavourful coffee? Try our Organic Dark Roast.

    The taste and aroma of your favourite Three Llamas Coffee beverage is majorly impacted by the degree of roast of the coffee beans (i.e how light or dark roasted bean is). In coffee drinks brewed from lighter roasts, the flavours from the bean dominate with fruity/acidic flavours being accentuated, producing a complex and vibrant cup reflecting the origin of the coffee bean. Whereas, in coffee brewed from darker roasts, the flavours of the coffee roaster dominate - producing a richer and heavier cup, with dark toasty notes such as bittersweet chocolate, smokiness, burnt caramel, nuts, or even ashiness. These coffees...

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  • Coffee cherry, Three Llamas Coffee

    From bush to bean: what is behind your coffee Part 2

    September 15, Richard Jackman, Founder and Coffee Roaster The journey from the humble coffee plant to your steaming hot morning brew is a long and complex one. In my post back in April, we talked about the coffee plant and the coffee cherry to which the coffee bean (seed actually) hides inside. Today we will have a look at how the cherry gets harvested, and processes involved in getting the coffee bean out of the cherry then getting it ready for roasting.   Harvest Coffee cherries mature and ripen individually on a plant and often not all at the same...

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  • Three Llamas Coffee

    From bush to bean: whats behind your daily coffee

    April 15 Richard Jackman, Founder and Coffee Roaster Many of us enjoy our daily ritual of the must-have morning coffee without giving much thought to the humble coffee bean. Some of us might have a vague idea that it comes from distant countries in South America or Africa and that the coffee bean is brown due to it being roasted, but some don't really know much more than that. Questions you may never have asked include: what plant does the coffee bean come from, what does it look like on the plant, when and how often is it harvested and...

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