Three Llamas Organic Specialty Coffee

From the Andes mountians to your cup we are involved in every step ensuring our coffee is the best it can be.

 Peru is an award winning coffee growing country. Its recognition as such has been acknowledged when Peru was chosen as the Official 2014 Portrait Country in the Specialty Coffee Association of America. However, specialty coffee is not easy to find because

Our Specialty Coffee beans

Our story: Ripening coffee cherries

 Peru is a vast country with geographical challenges. Specialty coffee must meet high criteria for physical and sensorial quality and be rated by a qualified Q Grader (they are international highly trained and regularly tested coffee-tasting professionals).

Our commitment to do things right took us to shift from NZ and live in Peru. It was essential for us to learn and experience the coffee growing culture from production to consumption to be able to deliver the best to NZ. Our fine coffee is grown in the north of Peru at high altitude (above 1,600 m) on the stunning Andes mountain sides. It is here where various microclimates develop producing coffees with many different and distinctive flavours.

Our story: View of San Ignacio township from a coffee plantation

Three Llamas Specialty coffee cherries are hand picked, pulped and quickly and carefully processed using the washed method. This process allows the true flavors of the sweet cherry bean and terroir to come alive during roasting. Not forgetting about the healthy coffee antioxidants we understand and employ efficient postharvest handling of the fruit through all stages from harvest to roasting to best retain the healthy compounds in coffee beans.Our commitment is to be participants of all the steps that coffee goes through until it gets to you. We source our own beans, meet our growers personally and, during the harvest season regularly walk the fields our coffee comes from to ensure our beans are the best they can be.

Our Roasting Process

Having found our specialty quality beans is only half of the challenge. The transformation of these beans during the roasting process is critical. Our roasting and packing process involves a mix of the old school ‘art of roasting’ with hard science and Kiwi innovation. Our coffees have been passionately and carefully roasted to showcase our unique aromas and flavours while keeping and bringing the healthy natural coffee attributes to the cup. As a result we produce a consistent excellent cup you are guaranteed to enjoy! We owe it to our growers in Peru and is our promise to our Kiwis in NZ.

Our story: Cupping a new roast profile in the Three Llamas lab