Our Team

We have a small dedicated team at Three Llamas Coffee spanning across Peru and New Zealand with our NZ base being in Woodend, just North of Christchurch. We are all coffee lovers and as a team are committed to the ideal of producing and selling the best and healthiest coffee possible while we showcase the truly fantastic coffee that Peru has to offer.

Meet our current team: Richard, Anna, Tracy, Clize, Rosie, Miriam, Leroy (and Kari, Cecelia and Cam)



Richard: Coffee lover and co-founder

Richard is our head roaster and runs the business along with Cecilia. He uses his horticultural science experience to work alongside the Peruvian growers to help them improve their coffee.

When Richard is not busy with the daily activities of running a busy coffee roastery, he can be found in the lab with Cecilia, mucking around with the coffee roaster or trialing new ideas in their quest for “making even better coffee”.

Cecilia: Coffee lover and co-founder

Fruit scientist and Food Engineer by profession, Cecilia possesses a deep knowledge of fruit physiology and food processing chemistry that has carried over to coffee beans. Her understanding of the health attributes in fruit were key in the development of the high health blends in Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee. Cecilia also runs the supply side of the business and is in charge of the weekly ‘cupping sessions’ and experimental trials.