100% Gourmet Peruvian Arabica Coffee

At Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee we are a little bit different. Our coffee is proudly Peruvian. In fact our coffee only comes from a small mountainous region in Northern Perú, recognized for its exceptional and distinctive high quality coffee. You will see our coffee selection is so good it doesn’t need to be blended with coffees from other countries. Thats right, we don’t do blends; no confusion, just the finest Arabica coffee from the best growing region in Perú.

The Banana Maca Mocca smoothie

This Banana Maca Mocca smoothie recipe makes a fantastic tasting smoothie, filled with that chocolatey goodness without the guilt.  A great way to get your you daily Maca dose.

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From bush to bean: whats behind your daily coffee

April 15 Richard Jackman, Founder and Coffee Roaster Many of us enjoy our daily ritual of the must-have morning coffee without giving much thought ...

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