100% Gourmet Peruvian Arabica Coffee

At Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee we are a little bit different. Our coffee is proudly Peruvian. In fact our coffee only comes from a small mountainous region in Northern Perú, recognized for its exceptional and distinctive high quality coffee. You will see our coffee selection is so good it doesn’t need to be blended with coffees from other countries. Thats right, we don’t do blends; no confusion, just the finest Arabica coffee from the best growing region in Perú.

How Three Llamas Gourmet Coffee came to be

Author: Richard Jackman 2013. This was the year when my wife Cecilia and I made the crazy decision to get into the world of speciality coffee. The ...

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Our new website is up and running!

Goodbye threellamascoffee.com Mk1,...hello threellamascoffee.com Mk2! Our old website, whilst pretty looking was rather clunky behind the scenes an...

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