Celebrating 600 roasts!

Celebrating 600 roasts!

We have come a long way........

The very first batch of coffee we sold was back in 2013 into the Peruvian market and we labelled it LOT 001. We had developed our 3 organic blends Wellbeing Roast, Organic Dark Roast, and our Organic Medium Roast and had managed to sell them into a wholefoods supermarket in the upmarket Mira Flores district in Lima.

For this very first LOT 001 we roasted 30kgs, then had orders of about 15kg per week after that. Now nine years later, batch roasting our coffee every week, we are about to arrive at LOT 600! Right now we roast on average 250-300kgs a week, which is a long way from when we started our coffee journey.

Three Llamas Coffee Roaster
With our new Roastmax 15 kg roaster we have plenty of roasting capacity and we have a passion to continue to grow our company, and spread our coffee goodness among more Kiwis across Aotearoa.

Not losing sight of what we have achieved so far we think reaching 600 roasts is worthy of a celebration. So for the whole of next week (September 27 to October 2), we are going to have daily deals both in the roastery cafe, and online.

For a peak at these deals see below!

Daily espresso coffee deals:

TUES:    $4 Long Blacks
WED:     $5  Flat Whites
THURS: $5 Lattes
FRI        $5 Cappuccinos plus $9 Coffee and scone combo!
SAT:      $5 Mochaccinos
Medium or large size coffee, your choice!

Daily coffee bean deals: 15% off:

TUES:    Inca Gold
WED:     Essence
THURS: Organic Dark
FRI        Organic Medium
SAT:      Lima
Availible in 200g, 500g, or 1kg bags either as whole beans or ground to your choice (eg plunger, filter, espresso etc)


Espresso coffees at the Three Llamas Coffee roastery


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