Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens

We have a small dedicated team at Three Llamas Coffee spanning across Peru and New Zealand with our NZ base being in Woodend, just north or Christchurch. We are all coffee lovers and as a team are committed to the ideal of producing and selling the best and healthiest coffee possible while we showcase the truly fantastic coffee that Peru has to offer.

Some points that make our coffee different from the rest in the NZ:

  • Our core values are of flavour, health and wellbeing  (“Good for your body and mind”) and it is reflected in all of our products
  • All of our coffee roasts are gourmet single origin  blends with distinctive flavours found in Cajamarca, Northern Perú (sweetly aromatic, rich and creamy).
  • We do gourmet Organic espresso and plunger/filter  coffee too
  • All of our Coffee is 100% ethically sourced
  • We know where our coffee beans come from because we visit  our growers on their plantations regularly

The team at Three Llamas.

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