Banana Maca Mocca smoothie with Three Llamas Essence Espresso coffee

The Banana Maca Mocca smoothie

April 23.

Richard, Coffee Roaster.

Maca is an ancient Peruvian Superfood, traditionally used to nourish the body and provide vitality, balance and wellbeing. Maca is packed with vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and numerous phytochemicals and said to give the Inca warriors balance, strength and vitality. It comes in powder form and has a distinctive earthy flavour. I would describe my first taste of it as 'different but not unpleasant'. We have stocked our gelatanised Maca powder for a while now and I have been mucking around with different ways to get my daily dose. This smoothie is my current favorite. I usually have it at the Roastery in the afternoon, but all the ingredients you need can be found at home.


Recipe (approx amounts)

1x  banana

1 x double shot of espresso, or cold brew concentrate, or even just concentrated plunger coffee (make a plunger as per normal but don't add much water)

1 tsp of Macca

1 tsp of cocoa or hot choc (Weta hot choc is super yum but at home I just use cocoa powder).

Optional: 2 tsp sugar (I use our Organic Panela sugar at home if im using cocoa)

approx 150g ice

approx 100g of milk (again I use Almond milk as i like the nutty flavour but any milk is fine).


Add all ingredients to the blender then blend until nice and thick. If Its a bit liquid add some more ice.




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